Ready to move up the ladder.

Lets recap what has happened in the last few months. Our biggest change came at the end of May. We made the decision to relocate to a larger, more efficient space for us. We now have warehouse space with a separate space to hold our auctions.
Our entire operation is now computerized. Check in and check out is now, hopefully, more streamlined for our customers. With the computerized system, we can now catalog our sales. With a list to follow and pictures on the monitors we have tried to make our sales go more smoothly and more quickly for our customers.
We have also been able to put our cataloged sales onto the internet. This allows customers the opportunity to bid without actually attending the sale. It also allows more potential buyers for our consignors merchandise!
With the additional customers, we have now shipped auction items to six different states within the last several weeks.
As we continue to increase our footprint, we will continue to expand and increase our use of technology. In the near future our sales will be live streamed across the internet to allow bidders to participate from far and wide. Additionally, we intend to increase our use of email to keep our customers up to date on our latest schedule changes, upcoming auctions, and important notices.
We hope that all that we do is positive and beneficial for our customers. We look forward to seeing you at the auctions. Sign up for our newsletter and we can keep you updated on all the happenings at Jody Evans Auction Services!